3 Months to plan a Wedding.

Back in June of 2015 we had just received the disappointing news that our hospital werent’ prepared to refer us for IVF. They wanted us to keep ‘trying’ naturally for a little while longer. At this point it had already been 2 years of constant heartache month after month. It was starting to affect my mental health as it became all i could think about. A colleague at work suggested i do something to try and take my mind of it. John proposed in April 2014, but we hadn’t even thought about any wedding plans as we were so focused on starting a family first. We had just sold my house and moved in with my parents so with a little extra cash in the savings we decided to go for it! So i had 3 months to plan a wedding.

wedding day bath photo

I had decided on a September wedding so only gave myself 3 months to plan our magical day. I know.. I’m crazy right!? If you can do it that quick i actually recommend it! I had something to look forward too that wasn’t 18 months away.

The first thing i did was find a venue. I already knew that i wanted a country shabby chic themed wedding so just needed to find a venue that suited this well. I only looked at the one place and fell in love with it, booking it the following day.

So now i needed a dress. Having already created a very full Pintrest board i knew exactly what i wanted. I initially tried on a few different styles but finally deciding on ‘The one’. It was stunning and i truly felt like a princess in it.

Wedding Dress photo

The mens suits were next. I wanted grey suits with dusky pink ties. John on the other hand tried on a navy one and decided it was a winner. Begrudgingly I suppose i had to let him have his say in something.

The photographer we chose shot one of my best friends weddings and i loved his technique and style so we booked him in quickly. Luckily he was just starting out his business so was able to fit us in. You can find him at www.kevelkinsphotography.co.uk

I wanted simple flowers so went for pale pink roses and lots of gypsophelia.

Wedding Bridal Bouquet

3 months to plan a wedding

Then came all the legal stuff. With only having 3 months to plan a wedding we had to quickly got booked in for our appointment with the registrar and give our notice of marriage. It was all becoming very real at this point.

I found lots of my accessories on eBay and Amazon, keeping in with the country shabby chic theme. I used lots of hessian and lace and had lots of gypsophelia everywhere.

The cake was a M&S finest. Everyone said how yummy it was. I just added a little Hessian and Lace and the most amazing cake topper I ever did see.

Shabby Chic Country Themed Wedding

Shabby Chic Country Themed Wedding

Shabby Chic Country Themed Wedding Cake

It was one of the most magical days of my life. Marrying my best friend and my soul mate. The day was full of smiles and laughter and everyone had a great time. Well what i can remember anyway. We danced until our feet hurt and sang until we had no voices left. I will never forget this day. To say i only had 3 months to plan a wedding the day ran smoothly and everything came together just perfect.

Shabby Chic Country Themed Wedding Seating Plan

Shabby Chic Country Themed Wedding Bride and Groom

Shabby Chic Country Themed Wedding Pastel Colours Bridesmaids


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