Downstairs toilet makeover.

It’s a downstairs toilet.. How much can you really jazz it up? I’d been pondering on how to style the downstairs loo for a while and just couldn’t find any inspiration. So after doing the usual scrawling through Pinterest and Instagram I finally found some ideas that I loved.

The tiles on the walls weren’t what we had originally chosen for the house. The developer had got it wrong but we didn’t want to put back the completion date aonjust settled with them. I really wanted wood cladding but it just wasn’t possible at the time. Fingers crossed that will be a future project.

downstairs toilet before photo

Using only two Valspar paint tester pots I painted the whole room to realise it wasn’t quite the colour I had in mind. So off I went back to B&Q and picked up some more testers. I settled on a Valspar Bookcase paint called Emma.

downstairs toilet makeover shelf photo

The shelf i found in B&Q, available here. The white framed picture I got from Primark and the Flush frame was from The Range. The fake succulent is from Matalan.

downstairs toilet makeover shelf photo

My next goal is defiantly wood cladding but I think I will have to wait on that as my husband has said no.. for now.

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