Bedroom Tour.

When we moved into our dream home in March 2016 my interior tastes were very different to what they are now. You can read our newbuild home journey here. I wasn’t able to do a bedroom tour as i was never truly happy with it. I was all about very girly shabby chic, pretty pastels and the vintage feel. Our old house was full of it but as we had now bought this house together I had to tone down my girliness for the sake of my husband.

blank master bedroom

blank master bedroom

Our bedroom has had 3 different looks over the last 18 months but the latest is defiantly the one I’m finally happy with. After seeing alot of navy inspo on Instagram i became obsessed with having a navy feature wall in our bedroom. The husband on the other hand wasn’t so keen. Plus I’d only just wallpapered the bedroom wall 3 weeks ago.

I sneakily bought some samples with the intention of painting some swatches behind the bedside table so that if I didn’t like it, I could hide it, and John would be non the wiser. Well that went out of the window when I painted the swatches too high! Oops!

So I had to come clean to John. It’s safe to say he wasn’t impressed and didn’t speak to me for a while. But hey ho, the man loves me and I knew he would forgive me evenutally.

So i cracked on with it and started painting (slightly nervous of the outcome) using a new tool i found at Homebase for a fiver. I was optimistic that it would even work, i thought it was probably going to be complete rubbish but ladies and gents, let me tell you, its my new decorating best friend! It made cutting in really easy. Although it didn’t do that well against the coving but i can’t complain for a fiver. I managed to do the whole first coat in 30 minutes.

master bedroom navy blue feature wall

Now to dress it up a bit. I went to ‘The Range‘ to managed to find some cute accessories. I find that The Range have so many cute accessories at affordable prices. You can shop them here.

The picture shelfs i bought from B & Q, you can buy them here. I joined two together so that it was the same width as the bed. The marble print i bought from an Instagram shop called ‘Oh My Print’. You can find them here.

My bedroom furntiure is from Dunelm. You can buy it here. I had got a lot of make up on the dressing table and it wouldn’t come off so i decided to repaint all the cream parts with an Ivory eggshell paint. At least its now wipeable.I am yet to find some new handles for the drawers. I also really want a nice dressing table chair but I’m still on the hunt for that.

Master Bedroom Tour Dressing Table

When we originally bought the house we had fitted wardrobes installed as we wanted to really utilise the space. They had them in the show home with a tv hidden inside and i knew i had to do that! I hate having tvs on display so this was the perfect solution. We have three wardrobes. The one on the rights houses my husband and I’s clothes. He has the top – which he rarely keeps tidy, and i have the bottom – i like to hang my clothes in style and colour order. My husband has no choice on this as its me that puts his clothes away. The left hand wardrobe houses all our trousers, jeans, and any long items of clothing. I also keep our spare towels in here. The middle wardrobe has our tv in. It also has our gym wear and pjs and on the top shelf i keep little boxes with things like belts, hair dryer etc in.

Master Bedroom Tour Wardrobe Organisation

Master Bedroom Tour Wardrobe Organisation Hidden TV

Master Bedroom Tour Wardrobe Organisation

Our bed we bought from Wren when it used to sell Bedrooms and Kitchens. I believe it no longer sells bedroom furniture though. The bedding is from Next, the cushions are from Ikea and the grey throw is from also from Next.

Our ensuite isn’t quite finished. I would like a new blind and mirror in here but i haven’t yet found anything i like.

Master Bedroom Tour Ensuite

I hope you’ve enjoyed the bedroom tour and picked up some ideas along the way. Look out for more room tours on the blog!

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