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Times change, trends change and personal tastes change so i thought its about time i do a living room tour. Over the years my tastes in interior design have defintly changed. Im sure my husband is rather pleased about this but im not sure his wallet is. I used to love anything girly, shabby chic, pastel colours and lots of faff. Since moving into The Haxby iv developed a love for more rustic, country decor.

My friends often joke that my house is like a Next Catalogue showhome. I cant help it, when i walk into Next Home and see all the set ups i pick one and go with it.

My sofas are from DFS. I picked grey as i thought it would go with everything and if i wanted to redecorate i wouldnt need to change the sofas. You can buy them here. As we have more space in the new house i bought the same sofa in a two seater and the chair is now upstairs in one of the spair bedrooms. To say we have a cat and a dog they stay really clean. The cushions plump nicely and the covers are removable so twice a year i pop them in the wash on a low heat setting and they come out just as new.

We chose to have a large foot stool instead of a coffee table as its easy to drag over and put your feet up. We chose a neutral pattern so that it would go with everything.

Country styled living room with stags head wallpaper

Our furniture is from.. wait, can you guess? Next Home. We have a large TV unit, small sideboard and a nest of tables in the corner. The sideboard is really handy at the momment as we keep nappies and wipes in one of the drawers. The other drawers house lots of crap that i just cant be bothered to sort out. Everyone has a crap drawer dont they?

Other items that are from Next Home include, the curtains, the blind, the yellow cushions, the rug and a few of the picture frames. The rug arrived this morning and i must say im very pleased with it. I originally had a dark grey shaggy rug in here but i wanted something a bit lighter to brigthen up the room, which i think it has.

Image of living room country styleNow i hate clutter, and i really wanted to wait as long as possible before the brightly coloured toys crept in but i have a 6 month old who absolutly loves her jumperoo and to be honest.. i couldnt live without it either. It gives me 20 minutes to quickly hoover up, wash the dishes or just have a well needed cuppa.

Our house developer offered lots of extras at no extra cost. Which was one of the reasons we chose to buy this house. The fireplace came for free which i was really pleased with as i think it gives a focal point to the room. Sitting proudly here is Johns trophy from his latest bodybuilding competition. You can read all about that and see the photos here.

I like to have some sort of house plant in most rooms. I think that adding a bit of greenery to a room can just give it that pop that it needs. Although the cat likes this one and keeps trying to eat it.

I try to keep things as tidy as possible by keeping all of Poppys toys in this wicker basket i got from Poundstretcher. 

Country styled living room
Country styled living room

Country styled living room

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