Newborn Essentials.

10 Newborn Essentials Must HavesNewborn Essentials – Being a new mum was extremely daunting to me. But also very exciting as i was finally able to start purchasing all the baby things id been eyeing up for years. These are all products that I am using myself and that i love so these are obviously my own opinions. Not everything may suit your lifestyle. Products marked with a * have been gifted.


1 – Sleepyhead Deluxe.

sleepyhead deluxe

The Sleepyhead Deluxe Baby Pod is a unique multi-functional baby bed with anti-dustmite, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties for use in your baby’s sleeping area or around the home. Using the Sleepyhead, you can safely put your newborn baby down anywhere. It features a fully removable cover which is great as you can pop it in the wash if little one has a poo explosion.

I absolutely love this! Being a Neonatal Nurse we often use little nests to help make the tiny babies feel safe and secure so when i saw this i had to have it. Poppy absolutely loves it and i swear its because of this that she sleeps so well.

You can buy the Sleepyhead Deuluxe here.

the haxby sleepy head deluxe


2 – Chicco Next To Me Crib.

chicco next to me

Now this was a no brainer for me. I wanted Poppy to be as close to me as possible whilst being safe and not co-sleeping. The Next to me is the original side-sleeping crib, created and designed to allow you to sleep next to your baby without sharing the same bed, as recommended by the baby experts. The crib can travel with you everywhere thanks to the practical travel bag included. Your baby can always sleep in the same nest whenever he travels with you. The Next 2 Me can be used both as a close sleeping crib and standard crib, which can be detached from the parents’ bed and progressively moved away, and then be used in the child’s bedroom.

You can buy the Next 2 Me here.

chicco next to me


3 – Doona Carseat.

doona carseat

The Doona Carseat is something that has changed my world. I love it so much i did a separate review post on it, You can read that here. It pops out into a fully functioning stroller making it ideal for nipping out an about with baby, meeting friends for coffee or nipping into the supermarket . It also means there no giant travel system frame taking up room in the boot of your car. Which was a bonus for us as our dog often needs to get in the car. It is a rear facing carseat suitable from birth to 15kg so could last you at least a year depending on the size of your baby. It uses a 5 point harness to secure your baby safely whilst also having an Orthopaedic inner cushion made from Bamboo Charcoal fibre – which is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, humidity and thermal regulating.

You can the Doona here.

doona carseat

4 – Doona Essentials Bag*.

doona essentials bag

The Doona Essentials bag is a small changing bag perfect for when you don’t need to take everything but the kitchen sink. We use it for my husband when he goes out and about with Poppy so that he doesn’t have to carry my girly changing bag around with him. Its a small bag but perfect for fitting nappies, wipes, a bottle and his phone and wallet. It has two handy bottle slots on the side, one for him and one for Poppy. He loves it as he doesn’t have to carry it. It clips on to the side of the Doona’s handle.

doona essentials bag

You can buy the Doona Essentials Bag here

5 – Angelcare Bath Support.

angel care bath seat

The Angelcare soft-touch bath support provides optimal comfort and safety for you baby in the bath. Its unique design combines safe, sturdy sides and an angled area made from soft and warm plastic for your baby. The soft TPE plastic does not only mould comfortably around your baby, but also takes up the bath water’s temperature very quickly, which makes your baby feel warm and safe. It has an anti-slip base and a water level indicator for optimal safety in the bath.

At first Poppy wasn’t so sure on this, so we had to bath her in the kitchen sink. I’m not sure whether it was because she was so small at birth. But once she was a little bigger she began to love this. She always looks comfortable and doesn’t slide down.

You can buy Angelcare Bath Support here.

angel care bath seat

6 – Baby K’Tan Carrier.

baby k'tan carrier

I always knew i wanted to baby wear. But what i didn’t want was one with bulky straps and confusing instructions on how to tie long lengths of fabric. So when i found the Baby K’tan i knew it was perfect. Its a one piece making it very easy to put on. No tying involved!

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is an innovative soft cotton baby carrier that is an ideal blend of a sling, wrap and carrier, providing the positions and benefits of all three. It is a ready-to-wear wrap that enables parents & caregivers to comfortably carry infants and toddlers (from birth to approx 3 years) in multiple positions. A wrap without all of the wrapping, it slips on like a t-shirt, no complicated wrapping or buckling. Ergonomic positioning for healthy infant development.

You can buy the Baby K’tan here.


7 – Ewan The Sheep.

ewan the sheep

Multi award winning ewan the dream sheep is a simple yet effective tool for settling restless babies and toddlers into a peaceful slumber. Cute, cuddly ewan attaches securely to the cot bars or sit him next to your moses basket, and plays real heartbeat and womb sound combinations that mimic the noises babies hear inside the womb. These comforting sounds have been proven to be effective for settling and calming newborns, as they make the difficult transition from womb to world. They are also extremely effective at helping reduce COLIC induced pain as they remind the baby of the natural soothing environment of the womb.

Now this little guy is just amazing. We use it at every nap time and when she goes to bed at night. She may just be a good sleeper, but I’m defiantly convinced that this guy helps with that!

You can buy Ewan here.


ewan the sheep

As you can see the sleepyhead is also great for when you need to take a bath but the husband has gone out!

8. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine.

tommee tippee perfect prep

Now I know there has been some major controversy about this machine but i personally haven’t had any issues with it. I also know that some health visitors don’t recommend it but hey, they wouldn’t be allowed to sell them if they hadnt been tested and deemed safe.

I breastfed Poppy for 11 weeks when i decided to move onto formula. This machine has been an absolute godsend! No more waiting for bottles to cool down whilst you have a screaming baby who just doesnt quite understand ‘It’s coming! It’s coming!’ It’s takes the stress out of feed time away as the milk is ready in a jiffy and is at optimum temperature.

You can buy the perfect prep machine here.

9. Video baby monitor.

baby monitor

I suffered major anxiety throughout my pregnancy so having a video monitor was a must for me. There are some really pricey ones out there but my Dad found me a bargain deal on Amazon. This one isn’t specifically for baby’s but it does the job just fine. You can zoom in, to check that baby is breathing (I know I’m not alone on that one), it has night vision which is really clear, talk back features and the sound quality is pretty good! It also has an awesome feature that my husband loves. You can check in on baby whilst you are out or at work. The camera is linked to an app on your phone or tablet so obviously having a spare tablet would be ideal as otherwise you would have to keep your phone on all night. We just use our old iPad but to stop the screen from turning off we changed the settings.

You can buy this camera here.

10. Car Baby Mirror

car baby mirror

A car mirror is the perfect solution to checking in on baby whilst driving and being safe. It easily fits on the head rest and can be positioned so that you can see you baby in the rear view mirror. I absolutely love mine and wouldn’t be without it. Infact i feel lost when we take the occasional trip in my husbands car and i can’t see her.

You can buy this mirror here.


I hope you have found this useful. Obviously these Newborn Essentials are all my own opinions and not all of these products are actually essential, but are products that i have used and loved.

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