Easy DIY Photo Board for under £40

There was a space on my kitchen wall that just seemed to lack any excitement. It was home to our gorgeous ‘And they lived happily ever after’ sign that my best friend bought us for our wedding but the space behind it was very plain. Cue DIY Photo Board!

What You’ll Need:

  • 4ft x 2ft Wall Grid
  • Spray Paint (in colour of your choice)
  • LED lights
  • Bulldog Clips
  • Photos


Easy DIY Photo Board

I wanted to jazz it up a bit so i started scrolling through Pinterest to find some inspiration. When i came across a picture of a metal wall grid i thought it was perfect to fill the space.

The hard task was trying to find metal wall grid. After driving to my local DIY shops and not having any luck, i finally found one on Amazon. I bought the 4ft x 2ft one but it comes in various sizes to suit all needs.

You can Buy this here.

Easy DIY Photo Board

Next i bought some Copper coloured spray paint and set about spraying the wall grid. I did this in my garage with the door open as you need to be in a well ventilated space. Remember to lay down an old sheet so you don’t get paint everywhere.

You can buy the spray paint i used here. 

[amazon_link asins='B00TLMMR2C' template='ProductLink' store='thehaxby08-21' marketplace='UK' link_id='6dee13e5-a41f-11e7-aad9-e9a3701405d8']

Now its time for lights! I found these cute micro wire LED fairy lights in The Range. I thought these were perfect as they are made on a wire so you can bend it round the wall grid and it stays in place. They also came with a remote control to easily turn them on and off.

DIY Photo Board Fairy Lights

You can buy them here.

I placed them evenly on the board by threading them though the gaps and bending the wire to keep them in place.

DIY photo board fairy lights

Once i hung the wall grid, i used the same screws that i used to hang my ‘And they lived happily ever after’ Sign back over the top. I then used some bulldog clips to hang some of my favourite photos.

You can buy them here.

diy photo board

Lastly i bought some hanging pots from Ikea, and this fake Ivy to add some colour. You can buy them here.

Containers – Link.

Ivy – Link.

And heres the finished result. My easy DIY Photo Board.







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