I’m Back – The Struggles of a full time working Mum.

I first took up blogging whilst I was on maternity leave with my daughter Poppy. I had the time back then to take cute photos, plan my blog posts, edit etc. Now that I’m a full time working mum the blog has been massively neglected. Working full-time sucks, but it’s a must at the moment. (sigh)

The thing is, I really enjoy blogging. It gave me some ‘me’ time, and also helped me relax. As a sufferer of anxiety, (read my post about my anxiety in pregnancy here), having some time to do the things I enjoy is important to me so here we are. I’m back, and I’m writing again.

full time working mum, struggles of parenting

So what have I been doing the last 8 months…

I returned to work in November of last year. I’m a neonatal nurse so I work 13 hour days and 12 hour nights which is hard, really hard. Juggling housework, caring for a baby, enjoying my baby is so difficult and tiring. The thing that gets me most is some days I’m too tired to play with Poppy, which then makes me feel like such a bad mum. It’s horrible leaving her. She goes to her Nanna’s during the day which she absolutely loves but it breaks my heart when she sometimes wants my mum more than me. Any tips on how to cope with feeling unwanted? Send them my way!

One thing I’ve come to realise over the last few months is that; housework can wait. My lounge might look like an exploded Toys R Us , the bedrooms might not be ‘Insta Worthy’ but it doesn’t matter.. what matters is living in the here and now and soaking up every little bit of time with Poppy, as I won’t get these precious baby years back. Getting stressed over the house not being hoovered, or the clothes not being put away is so silly!

little girl first birthday party

Poppy turned one on the 3rd February 2018. How is she even one already! Time just needs to slow right down! We had a lovely party for her, which she had no clue about but she enjoyed it and got very spoilt by our family and friends.

She was late joining the crawling club at 13 months old but now there’s no stopping her. She’s showing absolutely no interest in walking but hey, I’m happy with that for the time being. Shes too quick as it is! Her personality is really starting to shine through. She’s such a loving, funny little girl and definitely a little sassy diva at times.

She still has no teeth, Nothing! Not even one! So getting her to eat food has been somewhat of a struggle lately, but I think we’ve cracked that one now. Shes little miss independent and doesn’t like to be spoon fed so we just have to put the food on her highchair and let her make lots of mess. Shes happy eating this way, so I just have to not let my obsessive self worry about spaghetti hoops being flung in the fruit bowl or up the wall.

baby lead weaning


Lifes always a little hectic here at The Haxby so there probably won’t be new blog posts up every day or week. Il just be posting when I can.


Anyway, stay tuned for more from me now that I have my blogging mojo back. I’ll be writing about interiors, parenting and general lifestyle so be sure to subscribe to my email list 🙂


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